Lions on the move II: Realizing the potential of Africa’s economies – McKinsey Global Institute, 2016

  • On Africa’s growth prospects: “ Africa as a whole is projected by the International Monetary Fund to be the world’s second-fastest growing economy to 2020″
  • On Africa’s fundamentals: “ By 2034, the region is expected to have a larger workforce than either China or India—and, so far, job creation is outpacing growth in the labor force.”
  • On Africa’s manufacturing: “Africa could nearly double its manufacturing output from $500 billion today to $930 billion in 2025, provided countries take decisive action to create an improved environment for manufacturers.”
  • On Africa’s job creation: “The rewards of accelerated industrialization would include a step change in productivity and the creation of six million to 14 million stable jobs over the next decade.”
  • On Africa’s corporate landscape: “… 700 companies with annual revenue of more than $500 million each…  around two-fifths of the 700 companies are publicly listed.”


2016 Africa Capital Markets Watch – PwC, 2016

  • On IPO activity: “… strong IPO activity in Q4 of 2016 accounting
    for more than 50% of 2016 total IPOs by value.  …we expect healthier capital markets activity in 2017 with some significant IPOs and FOs already in the pipeline.”
  • On governments’ role: “Government intervention and privatisations of government assets aim to facilitate greater depth of local capital markets”
  • On new financial products: “Increased participation through innovative products and alternative markets”





2016 Africa Private Equity Confidence Survey – Deloitte

  • On overall Private Equity Activity: “The majority of respondents across all three regions expect PE activity in Africa to increase over the next 12 months”
  • On the economic climate: “We don’t foresee any big Macro shocks especially resulting from any political events”
  • On private equity funds: “Increase in Africa focused funds needed to be deployed. More allocation of funds to invest in the region. Vibrancy in the region especially expansion of agribusiness companies and financial services”



AfriSyst feasibility presentation

AfriSyst Feasibility presentation – PDF